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About Us

Greene Advertising specializes in business-to-business (B2B) advertising.

We work with various industries including hospitality, textile distributors, automotive aftermarket, and hardware wholesaling. We can also enhance the identity of your company through our customized branding approach. Our advertising consists of design, complete production, and video.


Our company was established in Connecticut in 1990. Over the years, we have grown a loyal customer base and continue to build relationships with new customers. We strive to go one step beyond our clients' expectations. To date, we have produced hundreds of advertisements for companies around the world.


Our CEO and Creative Director, Jeff Greene, is a Cleveland Institute of Art graduate who has worked out of Cleveland, Chicago, and Connecticut. He has both national and international clientele. Some of his most recent clients are located in Cleveland, California, and Spain. If you would like to see a complete list of our clients, please feel free to contact us



"Wow, thank you so much. I am in complete awe of my logo. I appreciate the time you took in creating this. Please let me know next time you are in the Bay Area so I can give you some cupcakes!"


Thank you again,


Taylor Newman

Tay’s Sweet Cakes

"Thanks for all of your hard work...and...if I haven't mentioned it yet: you knocked the merger guide out of the park. It looks great.

More soon."

-Will --


Will Nepper Managing Editor

Pest Management Professional


"Jeff’s really great about turning these ads around quickly."


Terry Harmon

"Looks good! The extra content really makes a difference and you did a great job of reworking the design to accommodate it. Thanks for being such a pro in the face of this month's overly complicated production cycle!"


-Will Nepper

Associate Publisher Pest Management Professional

"I'm speechless, Jeff.  I've always been enthusiastic about [Aftermarket International], but now I'm even more so.  Your design is exciting, modern, and excellent.


Accurate, too!


Thank you for a very impressive job.  I can see it entailed a lot of hard work and design discipline, but with this issue as a template things should get easier."


Bob Freudenberger, Editorial Director

Aftermarket International magazine

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